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Academics like actors? Different stages of academic performance

So this happened back when I was an undergrad Philosophy student.

After our first ever lecture on Heidegger we wandered out into the corridor in a state of stunned amazement ai??i?? the theory seemed so deep and complex, touching on the most intimate experience of everyday being and yet it was so difficult to graspai??i?? also because the lecturer made a point of quoting the most crucial fragments and concepts in German…

Regardless, we were deeply impressed ai??i?? both with Heidegger and with our professor who appeared to have read the 800-page ai???Sein und Zeitai??? with pleasure, and even understood the oeuvre (apparently, it is all very simple if you read it in the original). When we were already on the doorsteps of the building, lighting our Gauloises cigarettes (mandatory attribute of young philosophers, in case you didn’t know) and exchanging whispers full of reverence, a fellow student approached us, with a strange look on his face.

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